Grange Foods has been building its own unique farming and process centers in each of the remote highland breading areas across Australia.

Grange Foods is the only online meat retailer in Australia which is completely vertically integrated throughout the supply chain owning and operating our own farms, processing centers, nationwide cold storage centers, as well as our own wholesale and retail distribution network.

At our farms we carefully breed and raise the cattle in the most natural and sustainable way, hormone free and MSA compliant, before transporting them directly to one of our processing facilities for packaging. From there the meat is transported with our own refrigerated trucks to one of our inner city cold storage centers for next day deliver to your plate.

The feedback and experience gained from over 20 years of sustainable cattle farming and the know-how and resulting improvements in meat quality enables us to raise cattle and produce meat of the utmost quality and consistency.

At Grange Foods we believe Paddock 2 Plate is a world class direct cattle farming and distribution model. We also believe improving quality and freshness is of long term benefit to all.



Food quality, safety and integrity are vital to all points along the red meat supply chain, so at Grange Foods we employ the latest technologies and processes to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and meat safety.

We process over 800 head a day, 6 days a week and strive for quality and consistency at every step along the process. We process between 650 to 700 veal and yearling cattle each day, 5 days a week.

We work hard to be among the industry leaders in processing and packaging to satisfy the requirements of both the domestic and international markets.


Quality Control

Grange Foods is committed to ensuring all our products are maintained in optimal conditions and comply with all specified standards set by the NSW Meat Industry Authority prior to delivery to our customers.

Our nationally accredited and certified processing systems are recognised as exemplars throughout Australia and we are at the cutting edge of technology and food safety with an AUS-Meat A+ rating.

Our stringent quality control practices have allowed us accreditation access in international markets and our secure segregation systems for beef complies for Halal markets.

A complex series of factors must be considered in evaluating the quality of beef. These include firstly, tenderness, secondly, flavour, thirdly juiciness and fourthly, overall liking (texture, appearance).

An important factor that contributes to these benchmarks and to the predictability of eating quality is the way the cattle are managed on farm or in the feedlot prior to slaughter, particularly in the two weeks pre-slaughter and the first few hours post slaughter.

Our beef is the envy of our competitors and the preferred choice of Australia’s major supermarket, food and restaurant chains for the following reasons:

- Our cattle reside on the same property for a minimum of 30 days prior to dispatch and are grazed or fed rations to that ensures good growth and health for this period.

- Our cattle are managed as a single mob prior to dispatch for slaughter.

- We do not consign any cattle with signs of stress.


Our company has an enviable international reputation as a leader in sustainable farming practices, animal welfare, disease control and food safety.

At Grange Foods we know that for our business to remain sustainable we need to be in tune with the environment and adaptable to change to maximise customer support and satisfaction.

Over many years we have improved our business by focussing on sustainable pasture, water, biodiversity and soil management practices.

These practices have ensured a safe, consistent, high quality product, while maintaining the quality of resources and conserving the natural environment.

At Grange Foods we are proud to be acknowledged among the industry leaders in animal welfare, care for the environment and conserving areas of native vegetation on our properties.

We recognize that we are responsible custodians of the land and as such, we are committed to promoting ethical and responsible animal welfare practices and conserving the natural environment.

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